Buoy’s Glow

Buoy 's  Glow  This is a 5×7 oil painting. I took the photo used for this on the back of our boat. It was early morning and the sunlight was extremely low and intense. In this study I was trying to work on creating the intense glow of the bright orange buoy. It fascinated me to see how much it cast its brightness onto the surrounding items. I did a workshop last year where we were challenged to do the same thing. My results on that painting were not quite as successful as this one. I definitely learned a few things from that workshop. This is just another example of how it can be very helpful to do the same picture more than once, or at least something very similar.


Carbide Lanterns

Miners Carbide Lamps

Well this painting was a good application of all those grays that I practiced the other day. I really like paintings with lots of light/dark contrast like this. It is always a challenge to get the values right. There are only a couple small spots of colors without any gray in them here. It is quite something to start graying down, say a green for instance. As you put red into it to gray it on your pallet, your eye may tell you that it is no longer green. But when you put it onto your canvas your eye tells you that it is a green. Remember that this is only going to be true if you get the tone and value correct. Otherwise it will look like dreaded mud!

(These are those little lanterns that miners used to wear on their heads. They are pretty cool and practical. My husband has a nice collection of them)

More Pears!

Quick study pears

Well after scraping off several attempts at painting pears with fewer and more deliberate brush strokes, I think I finally had some progress and success. In this group I decided to begin with a black and white to help me determine the values that I was struggling with. This seemed to help out quite a bit in the long run. The first 4 of these only took me about 10-15 minutes each. That is my goal with these quick studies. The last one I played with a bit longer. I want to do this same sort of study with another subject. It has been very helpful.

Pear Study

My objective in tPear study his study, was to get to the point where I could put down brush strokes  with confidence. I did not want to overwork these things. My first 4 were horrible. They took me about 1 hour each and I’m not even sure that at that point they looked enough like pears to suit me. I actually scraped off the next several attempts. Ugh!

White Exercises

White Cup Study 1, 2White cup Study 3, 4
These are my first attempts at painting a white coffee cup. One of the exercises in The Daily Painting book, suggested doing 4 paintings that consisted of a cup and a couple different pieces of colored papers. These each took about an hour a piece and I tried not to be too fussy or to go back over them after my time was up.  Overall I think there is progress. So I’m going to call it good!