2014 Gallery



2 thoughts on “2014 Gallery

  1. Hi Christine! I saw your work in the Nugget mall and thought you might be interested in the Studio Incamminati (.org) workshop that is coming to Haines June 15-19 from Philadelphia. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Studio Incamminati is a 4 year non-profit atelier type school started by Nelson Shanks (check out their website). I learned about it at the Portrait Society of America conference in 2012. I’ve been going there in the summers for two years to take portrait/figure workshops and they are truly amazing. Their method is very teachable. Lea Wight will be the instructor. She has an 8-page article in the March issue of Artists’ Magazine about her workshops. Her website and work is great also. You can see the workshop info on their website or mine, and their is a lot more local info on mine, including a show opportunity in Haines.
    MK MacNaughton from Juneau just signed up, as have a number from Haines and I am not sure from where else artists may come. I hope you can join us. Your pencil portraits look great and I really liked your 2014 gallery work. Nice work. Call me if you have questions.
    Donna Catotti 907 766-2707

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