Little Fur Ball

img_2927This is the second time that I painted this little cutie. My goal here was to focus on getting the subtle light changes and shape right. I love the little spot of light on her back that allows the nose to come forward. These types of lighting really capture my attention. It can be a challenge to get the value just right so that it will do what you want but it is worth the effort of practicing. I love the softness and variety of color in this too. I was interested in creating roundness with the contrast of cool and warm colors. It was good practice.


Where is my Groomer?

Shaggy (2)This shaggy girl is ready for a good grooming! To me she is just adorable as is! Different strokes for different folks, so they say…but she certainly was more fun to paint this way ( =

In case you cannot tell, she is facing back over her left shoulder with just a tiny bit of nose showing through all those curls.