Early Morning Glacier View

IMG_9585 (800x565)

This is a little painting of one of my favorite views. It is looking toward Mendenhall Glacier where my husband and I walk all the time. On this particular morning, the silhouetted trees stood out to me. And I just love the cool colors of the green and blue background. I also like that there is a little bit of balance to all the cool colors with the warm reflection tones (of almost orange) coming in from the lower left corner of the picture towards the center.

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About Artwithmycoffee

I live in Juneau, Alaska where the inspiration in nature abounds! I love taking photos of this beautiful place and then painting them. In 2013 I left my job in order to devote more time to my artwork. One of the ways I have been learning, is through online tutorials. I have been so encouraged with the amount of information that people share about their artwork. A few of my favorite sites are: Tuscon Art Academy on line, mhttp://thecompleteartist.ning.com/ by Richard Robinson, and http://www.dailypaintworks.com/ with Carol Marine. These have been extremely helpful as I have been working at my painting. This year my goal is to paint almost daily and to try to get outdoors more and paint en plein air (or out doors from life). I also hope to come up with something interesting to blog about it all ( =

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