Foggy Morning at Mendenhall

This is another 10×8 oil of Mendenhall Glacier. I love this view from a large stream up the road as you approach the Glacier. There is often fog here and sometimes you can only catch a glimpse of the glacier itself, but it is very interesting to me when it is like this. There are always wonderful reflections in the areas of water around the glacier and this is one in particular that I like because of all the dead trees in the water, giving it a nice textural quality. As a note though, I find these trees extremely difficult to paint. I have found them very challenging. So in order to overcome this, I will be painting them quite a lot for practice ( =

Paintings of my struggle

morning light (2) morning light (1)

So these are 2 of the paintings I did as I struggled this week. When I edited the colored one and looked at it in black and white it was not too far off from this one on the left that I painted in one color.  I have yet to be successfull with this painting, but I thought I would show you where I am coming from. I will continue to try capturing this to my satisfaction, but probably not today ( =


This week has been one big struggle when it comes to my painting! I took a photo of a beautiful spot last fall. The setting is of a waterfront area early in the morning. There was bright, warm, low sun shining on the shoreline making the dried grasses glow in the warmth. In contrast, the shadows were a beautiful cool blue.

I have been eager to put this into a painting and be able to capture that wonderful contrast. So this week I have painted that one scene no less than 10 times, perhaps more. Each one has been dreadfully unsuccessful! I tried everything, from quick little sketchy paintings, to full blown effort, all with no success.  Finally I decided to take a step back and do a value study using a single color. (Almost like a black and white). This proved to be helpful in showing how close the colors were in value, but it did not help me to get the colors correct. I guess I will just have to go back to it another day and try again.